Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Toothache.. Ouchh..!

Sakitnyer.. nak nangis pun ada... anyway, I still went to school this morning, eventhough I started to feel the pain last night. I thought it's gonna be ok in the morning, it was, but then, it got more painful after a while. It became more painful after a friend of mine shared her toothache experience. At 9.30 I went to the canteen for breakfast, took some mihoon goreng n telur goreng, sat at the table.. but i could'nt chew a thing.. I forced myself to shallow some cause I don't wanna be hungry when I enter the class. At 10.10am, I entered the class, scolded a student for not preparing his presentation (then i realised the pain had effected my pronunciation, every word i tried to utter sounded so weird).Then, I asked the rest to copy some literature notes and eventually left the class. I actually left the school, with permission, and went to the clinic nearby my house, but it's closed. I went to another clinic and the doctor told me that the gum is swollen (nak tumbuh gigi bongsu..hehe.. i'm still young). When I reached home, took the medicine with water, went staight to the bed and BUMM.. ZzzZzZzzzz...!

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