Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another sick day..

The pain is still unbearable today. I took another M.C, but this time around from a dentist. She told me the gums are swallen around the new tooth. She asked me to finish up the antibiotic and come back to cut out the gum that seems to stop the growth of the new tooth. (Tu yg buat sakit sangat tu). My..! I actually asked her whether it's gonna be painful or not.. she said "kita akan bius, bila dah balik rumah, dah hilang kebas, sakit la sikit, kita kasi painkiller.." In short, it's gonna be painful, right?! Ouch!

I sms Suri today, asking how she is doing, how Anis is doing and hoping that everything's gonna be alright. She told me that Anis is still in the hospital and the poor little baby is turning yellow again. Suri said that she can't take it anymore, because her cut is causing her pain.. (Suri is also in the hospital). Poor Suri, but I know that she is strong and she will be ok soon. Oh ALLAh, please give my friend all the strength she needs.. Amin.

By the way, my Sayang is having his Technology test today. In fact I think he's is struggling right now to answer the questions.. And I hope the struggle will be worth it.. I love him so much! Oh, and today is our 22nd months anniversary.. Haha.. We declared on 7th of November 2003..

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