Monday, September 12, 2005


Today I asked my younger sis Asma' to accompany me to Empangan Batu for a jog. With my sayang, of course, who came with his newly washed motorcycle. We arrived at 7.00am and immediately started jogging. Asma' told me earlier that she only wanna have a nice walk, but she was excited seeing other people jogging, she started running with her long skirt (bare in mind, my sis is a long-distance runner). So we were having fun (fun because I couldn't stop laughing, my sayang keep teasing me with his jokes and smiles) for about 30 minutes. Then, we rested for a while before we left, my sayang said he wanted to stay to play football with his friends).

While driving out of the dam, we saw a basketball court, so we decided to go back home, catch the ball and my other sis 'A'ishah and bro Habib and I drove back to the dam. My sayang joined us because his friends didn't come. We played basketball until we're tired. Then, my sayang and Habib played football with the ball while my two sisters learnt how to ride my sayang's motorcycle. And finally all of us sat down until we decided for another activity for the noon. We decided to go to Ampang Point for bowling and some sushi. Wah, what a fun day!

That's it for today.. I thank My Sayang so much! He is the reason why we had so much fun together today.. I love u sayang forever and ever....!

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