Thursday, March 25, 2010

There comes the time...

There comes the time when u r feeling down.. don't know how to settle small matters; say things that u never want to utter, n regret it after words; unable to undo things that u really know u should not even do at the first place.

There comes the time when u just want to cry, u can't because others will see how weak u r; really want to break down n just die, but u know u can't; scream on top of ur lungs, but don't want to bother my neighbours.

Almost the end of 2nd semester.

This Friday gonna be the 2nd last meeting for our class this sem. We're going to have groupwork presentation for Dr Faizah's class. Our group, Kak Laily, Eera, Suria n me are doing on students' learning preferences, which we got the idea after listening to Eera's presentation earlier. Talking about the students learning preferences, make me think of my own students, i want to ask them so many things that they like to do, or don't like to do, so that i can carry it out in the class (which ever is acceptable n possible).. but being a pessimist, i don't think i can take it.. i really wanna embrace the students centred classroom, learner autonomy students.. but, i'm still not ready for it.. i know, i know, i'm not being professional (as Dr Faizah said) but i just can't.. am i being so arrogant that i don't think i can change.

On Saturday, I will present my summary of an article entitled "What research say about assessment?" i'm still not done with it yet.. will try to tonight.. Dr Hanim will spend her precious time, helping us with our next assignments.. she asked us to bring our laptops, so for that reason, we (hubby n me) bought a new laptop... :)

We (the school: teachers n students) are so busy with the coming sports day on saturday, even though i won't be there, but being an "exciting" pom pom girl for our green house, i can't hardly ignore the preparation. i don't want to give the excuses even though i can.. and guess what, the next tuesday, there will be the March Test, hope my students had done studying during the 1 week school holiday last week..