Friday, October 30, 2009

4 done, 2 more to go..

Alhamdulillah.. I've passed up the group project 1 and 2, my own Article Review and Term Paper. I've done the best i could, but somehow I know I could do better. InsyaAllah next part/sem...

Since my Pengetua (ex-principal, now) who was so supportive of me furthering my masters, was transferred to another school, I've been hoping my new Pengetua will be like her too.. He's already around in the school compound, but not yet near the school building. We'll meet him officially this Tuesday. The other day, I heard a friend said her student came to her to tell that his friend who was a students in my pengetua-to-be's former school, telling that his is so "garang, nak minta izin balik dari asrama pun susah.." Now they know how nice their ex-pengetua was. People never appreciate things when its around, when they lose it, now they long for it.

ok.. I'll now be doing my research review and proposal.. bye for now...!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wave of Anxiety

I'm anxious.. Yesterday I got to know my marks for the EDU702. It's quite frustrating to compare with what i expected.. but life is always unfair, n there's always room for improvement.

But i must say, that it is making me feeling down.. i guess i might deserve what i deserved. I should be thankful that I'm going to pass (everybody should pass too..). People said when u r in Masters level, it is all up to u.. If u do things just as melepas batuk di tangga, then, the marks would have definitely tell that u haven't done ur best, yet!

So now, i have like a few more days that I can really sit and concentrate on that paper. (can i really?) Owh, i totally had forgotten about this.. On the 5th Nov my husband will be warded for his finger operation the next day (6th Nov). I guess i have to try to have all the work ready by the 4th Nov then... means that I have exactly 9 days.. Ya Allah, I need Ur love and Ur mercy... Please give me all the strengths i need. AMIN!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get started already.....!

it's rather giving order to the brain n the limbs of mine.. i haven't started anything just yet..

all i did was editing my presentation (1st & 2nd group presentations) slides n change it into the paper project.. i'd offered myself to be the editor for our group project paper, print it out, send it for binding, n finally sent it to the campus.

But i'm still hanging around the article review. I can simply comment on the article it self. I can't talk about the writer/writers because the article i found on the Net doesn't provide the name or any information what so-ever.. The term paper, i had "accidentally" done it before the day of my presentation 3-4 weeks ago..

And for Dr Nor Aziah's class, I've done actually nothing. i've read the academic writing (50% only i must say). Reflecting is something else..

Last but not least, my beloved proposal.. i'm still not clear for what i want to the research on. Whether it's on teaching writing using blogs to increase students interest, the readiness of the teacher to teach writing through blogs or teaching writing: using modern versus traditional method. I've planned to do an experimental research so it's going to be between two groups; one expose to the usage of blog in writing class, one using the traditional method. I still have to make up my mind!

Monday, October 19, 2009


there will be no more classes.. last weekend was the end of our class for this semester (I'd just discovered that they call it Part 1, rather than Sem 1). So that's the end of Part 1. I ran into Dr Faizah that day, and got to know that we're going to be in her class next sem..

However still, there are few assignments I'd to submit on the 30th Oct & 6th Nov.

This is the list of assignments to be submitted:

1. Paperwork for Group Presentation 1
2. Paperwork for Group Presentation 2
3. Article Review
4. Term Paper

1. Research Review
2. Research Proposal

Hopefully I could complete all within the time given..