Monday, September 19, 2005

Cute Little Baby Anis

Today, we (G, Eddie, My Sayang n me) went to Suri house (her parents' house actually..) at Kem Sg Besi.. Finally, we got to see baby Anis.. She is so small.. We adore her so much.. She looked so fragile yet very energetic and active.. sayang tak de gambar lak nak tunjuk..

And the house.. very nice and it has a very beautiful scenery. The sun set.. wow, so serene...

I'm happy to see all the happy faces..

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friend in need is a friend indeed..

Today, i saw a quotation on a someone's table (from M&M ad I think..) anyways, it says, Something about having good friends. " feels great when you choose the good ones.." So, it really does, the reason why I feel so sad, so down, neglected by a person who 25 minutes before admitted that I'm her best friend.. "best friend" may means nothing to her.. so, everybody is her best friend.. hahaha... I don't know what I'm talking about... Or it's all my fault?

There is something that I need to do for myself. I need changes.. But, I simply don't know where to start.. I admire G so much. She is very lucky to have all wonderful people around her.. most importantly she's positive. Her determination and encouragement.... I never thought that I could be her friend now.. Hm.. when I got time I'll sit down and write about it..

Ok, that's it for now..!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Playing Tennis for the First Time

After school today, Asma' and me joined Layla n Kak Fina for tennis at UIA.. We're "coached" by Zulhilmi (G, remember him at kuantan, for the debate...?) Well, I don't really know the correct way to hold the racket. Eventually I feel comfortable to swing the racket.. But I still missed the ball... but it was fun, eventhough it was raining in the middle of the game. Then, Asma' and me played basketball at the court nearby (again and we can feel this is our sport actually). I was fun.. trying out the different types of sports.. I'm thinking of shooting..

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Linda Tomyam

Suddenly this name became so interesting.. why? Hehe.. Here is the story behind it. One night we (asma' and me) went to the restaurant at the end of our street to buy some bungkus dinner. We sat at the table, a waiter came and Asma' ordered (she is usally the waiter at home to get the order from everybody..) while waiting for them to prepare the food, Asma' decided to order another Apple Juice, so she tried to call one of the waiter.

"Aaaa... aaa... Abang!" I can still recall the way she call this abang (we don't know the name though we knew they're from pattani or something, from their language). And it sounded so funny that I started to make joke about it.

Back at home, I cracked the joke to 'A'ishah and Habib.. It became the joke of the night..

I thought it's gonna be a joke only.. but then, today, we (Asma' and me) went to the restaurant twice. At 6 something p.m to have dinner with Said. Then, at night to buy dinner for abah and the rest. Asma' told me that they (the "Abang" and Asma') had exchanged telephone number!! Wahh..!! and in fact they had started sms'ing each other.. but Asma' told me it's just for fun.. (no wonder he was like so tak senang duduk when we arrived there) hehe...!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Today I asked my younger sis Asma' to accompany me to Empangan Batu for a jog. With my sayang, of course, who came with his newly washed motorcycle. We arrived at 7.00am and immediately started jogging. Asma' told me earlier that she only wanna have a nice walk, but she was excited seeing other people jogging, she started running with her long skirt (bare in mind, my sis is a long-distance runner). So we were having fun (fun because I couldn't stop laughing, my sayang keep teasing me with his jokes and smiles) for about 30 minutes. Then, we rested for a while before we left, my sayang said he wanted to stay to play football with his friends).

While driving out of the dam, we saw a basketball court, so we decided to go back home, catch the ball and my other sis 'A'ishah and bro Habib and I drove back to the dam. My sayang joined us because his friends didn't come. We played basketball until we're tired. Then, my sayang and Habib played football with the ball while my two sisters learnt how to ride my sayang's motorcycle. And finally all of us sat down until we decided for another activity for the noon. We decided to go to Ampang Point for bowling and some sushi. Wah, what a fun day!

That's it for today.. I thank My Sayang so much! He is the reason why we had so much fun together today.. I love u sayang forever and ever....!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Green Eyes

Green Eyes
Honey you are a rock,
Upon which I stand,
And I came here to talk,
I hope you understand,
The green eyes, yeah the spotlight, shines upon you
And how could, anybody, deny you,I came here with a load,
And it feels so much lighter now I met you,
And honey you should know,
That I could never go on without you,
Green eyes

Honey you are the sea,
Upon which I float,
And I came here to talk,
I think you should know

The green eyes, you're the one that I wanted to find,
And anyone who tried to deny you, must be out of their mind,
Because I came here with a load,
And it feels so much lighter since I met you,
Honey you should know,
That I could never go on without you,
Green eyes, green eyes

Honey you are a rock
Upon which I stand

Another sick day..

The pain is still unbearable today. I took another M.C, but this time around from a dentist. She told me the gums are swallen around the new tooth. She asked me to finish up the antibiotic and come back to cut out the gum that seems to stop the growth of the new tooth. (Tu yg buat sakit sangat tu). My..! I actually asked her whether it's gonna be painful or not.. she said "kita akan bius, bila dah balik rumah, dah hilang kebas, sakit la sikit, kita kasi painkiller.." In short, it's gonna be painful, right?! Ouch!

I sms Suri today, asking how she is doing, how Anis is doing and hoping that everything's gonna be alright. She told me that Anis is still in the hospital and the poor little baby is turning yellow again. Suri said that she can't take it anymore, because her cut is causing her pain.. (Suri is also in the hospital). Poor Suri, but I know that she is strong and she will be ok soon. Oh ALLAh, please give my friend all the strength she needs.. Amin.

By the way, my Sayang is having his Technology test today. In fact I think he's is struggling right now to answer the questions.. And I hope the struggle will be worth it.. I love him so much! Oh, and today is our 22nd months anniversary.. Haha.. We declared on 7th of November 2003..

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Toothache.. Ouchh..!

Sakitnyer.. nak nangis pun ada... anyway, I still went to school this morning, eventhough I started to feel the pain last night. I thought it's gonna be ok in the morning, it was, but then, it got more painful after a while. It became more painful after a friend of mine shared her toothache experience. At 9.30 I went to the canteen for breakfast, took some mihoon goreng n telur goreng, sat at the table.. but i could'nt chew a thing.. I forced myself to shallow some cause I don't wanna be hungry when I enter the class. At 10.10am, I entered the class, scolded a student for not preparing his presentation (then i realised the pain had effected my pronunciation, every word i tried to utter sounded so weird).Then, I asked the rest to copy some literature notes and eventually left the class. I actually left the school, with permission, and went to the clinic nearby my house, but it's closed. I went to another clinic and the doctor told me that the gum is swollen (nak tumbuh gigi bongsu..hehe.. i'm still young). When I reached home, took the medicine with water, went staight to the bed and BUMM.. ZzzZzZzzzz...!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Assalamulaikum... Well, my first try... Writing a diary? Well..... I've stopped for a very long time. Reason? A lot of it actually, one of it is because my brother who's studying in UTP did not send me the University's diary (an organizer actually..) to me.. So, I can write when I don't have the diary to write, right.. anyway, I didn't write as much pun, just put all the recipts, all the movie tickets according to the dates.. some special thoughts.. that's it...

Well, let's talk about today.. I woke up very late.. so, I had to rush to school. Punched my time card at 07:22. We had to go to the hall for an Israq Mikraj ceramah. For the first time in SMTG's history, the teachers had to sit at the back of the hall (upstairs) so we had to really listen hard for the ceramah.. (ade ke diorg suruh kami duduk kat situ without chairs..?) But then, one of the teachers instucted the prefects to bring the chairs up. What so big deal about sitting at the back? Well, as a class teacher of a class nearly full of girls, I got the advantage to see their behaviours during the assembly. (when i'm sitting in front, the girls looked so behaved) I was so pissed off, watching them talking to each other, while they're supposed to sing the national anthem.. pusing sana, pusing sini.. They are not even in the line (tak kisah la sangat) but when the teacher is talking in front, making announcement for their coming SPM, they don't even bother to lend theirs... hmm..

After the assembly, we got back to the school building. i was quite free this morning, my class was at 1.30pm. one of my students came to see me, telling one of her friends is missing from the class.. alamak, mana nak cari, biar lah, dah besar dah... but, i noticed that this missing girl really like have problem, so I advised the friend to talk to the missing girl ( i'm sure she'll be back to the hostel when the school is over) tell her to focus on her studies first.. blah blahh.. things like that..

Ok lah... that's it for the time being...