Monday, November 07, 2005

Sayonara Iefah san!

My dear cousin, Iefah (Arifah) is going to Japan for 2 weeks.. She is sixteen, and she is going to Japan for exchanged students program. I think she's going to Nagoya (not 'the' Nagoya textile, of course! :) According to Mak Long (Iefah's mum), this is the first time Iefah's school (Sek Men Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Seksyen 4, Shah Alam) sends their students to Japan. It had been 2 years since the Japanese sent their students over to the school..

Here's the team, 8 students (only 1 boy) and 2 teachers are going. Iefah is in the middle of the pic wearing white tudung n a pair of matching shoes...

While people at the back we're busy taking picture of the "Japanese Team" the other cousins also wanted to get the attention... Well.. from left to right: Habib, Asma'(at the back), Afiqah, Alfi and Aishah.

Every body is here for KFC! We're having KFC as Iefah wishes to, before going on the plane. Here's Fatin n Pak Long

Mak Teh (Pak Long's sister) and Alfi

Abah, Afiqah n Aishah (hiding the chicken so that, I can't see how much she has eaten... haha!)

Asma', Habib and Mak Long enjoying their meal...

Iefah n me.. By the way, the plane at the back it not the one she's going to ride to Japan.... because it's not going to be moving... hehehe..!

Hahaha... Look what I managed to find.... Habib arranged it so that they look romantic... hah!! Wasn't me!

Me, in front the KLIA Traditional House.. Look at the hen n her boyfriend.. hmmm... ?!

Me n the Vespa... :)

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