Monday, November 28, 2005

My Lovely Nephew and Zuma

This is Muadz Ridhuan.. We're in the car on the way to KLIA.. They are going to Langkawi for holidays.. Sounds great, I've never been there myself (and abah too), but my 1 year old nephew is going there already.. :) Look how restless he can be..

Muadz is with his mum, he actually put the smile for the picture, it's not candid, he posed..

My sister is playing a computer game called Zuma.. It's a colourful game, that's why Muadz (and his mum) was so serious and fucussed...

Let me explain why:

You have to clear balls by getting three or more of the same colour in a row before it reaches the end into the hole (the symbol of sun).. It's fun and challenging as u go to the next level.. The more difficult it will be.. It's a game you will be addicted to.. Like everybody at home and at my school.. Haha! And I was the one who spread the sickness of Zuma..! Muahahahaha!!

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