Monday, November 14, 2005

A Day to SPM 2005...

As an English teacher I'm excited n nervous at the same time.. Even though I've been teaching for nearly 3 years, this is the first time I'm teaching English for Form Five students..

Last year I only thought EST (English for Science n Technology) for Form Five, out of the three classes I thought, there 7 failures and the highest scored A2 only (in their SPM)... I was a bit disappointed, especially when we have to analyse the techniques of teaching (well, EST is a new thing, they (MOE) don't even have a specific syllabus for it, so we teach it the way that we know best to help the students with the science n technology (english terms...)

Ok, that was over like a year ago... Now, tomorrow my students will be sitting for BM n Sejarah papers... and the next day which is Tuesday, they will be sitting for English paper.. I'll be around that day because I'm the teacher incharged on Tuesday.. I hope that for the students I taught, there will be no failure at all.. (even though I know there are students who had given up for their SPM, claiming that they had chosen the way they will lead their life best without having to pass the SPM... This is another shocking thing to hear from a 17 years old boy.. I tried to persuade him to at least do his best to pass, so that, at least other people will look up at him, i hope, if he pass the exam..., what else can I say??? :( It's sad, because he got potential, he even scored the highest for his english paper early this year.. then, he started not coming to school... then, he claimed like he has seen the world...??? )

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