Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wave of Anxiety

I'm anxious.. Yesterday I got to know my marks for the EDU702. It's quite frustrating to compare with what i expected.. but life is always unfair, n there's always room for improvement.

But i must say, that it is making me feeling down.. i guess i might deserve what i deserved. I should be thankful that I'm going to pass (everybody should pass too..). People said when u r in Masters level, it is all up to u.. If u do things just as melepas batuk di tangga, then, the marks would have definitely tell that u haven't done ur best, yet!

So now, i have like a few more days that I can really sit and concentrate on that paper. (can i really?) Owh, i totally had forgotten about this.. On the 5th Nov my husband will be warded for his finger operation the next day (6th Nov). I guess i have to try to have all the work ready by the 4th Nov then... means that I have exactly 9 days.. Ya Allah, I need Ur love and Ur mercy... Please give me all the strengths i need. AMIN!

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