Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get started already.....!

it's rather giving order to the brain n the limbs of mine.. i haven't started anything just yet..

all i did was editing my presentation (1st & 2nd group presentations) slides n change it into the paper project.. i'd offered myself to be the editor for our group project paper, print it out, send it for binding, n finally sent it to the campus.

But i'm still hanging around the article review. I can simply comment on the article it self. I can't talk about the writer/writers because the article i found on the Net doesn't provide the name or any information what so-ever.. The term paper, i had "accidentally" done it before the day of my presentation 3-4 weeks ago..

And for Dr Nor Aziah's class, I've done actually nothing. i've read the academic writing (50% only i must say). Reflecting is something else..

Last but not least, my beloved proposal.. i'm still not clear for what i want to the research on. Whether it's on teaching writing using blogs to increase students interest, the readiness of the teacher to teach writing through blogs or teaching writing: using modern versus traditional method. I've planned to do an experimental research so it's going to be between two groups; one expose to the usage of blog in writing class, one using the traditional method. I still have to make up my mind!


heliocentrism said...

Dear c|k tum,

Same here babe. When it comes to assignments, am so blur I have no idea what to do first. Totally hangin'..

And that reminds me, I think I have to finish up the group thingy first kan... aaarggghh

Mia's Mom said...

Salam clk tum,

No worries. I haven't started mine yet either. I have forwarded the framework of my Corporate Governance essay to my Lecturer and have the feedback BUT I haven't start except for the introduction. I am reading a lot of academic papers but none I can really base to be the technic and style for my paper. And guess what? My deadline is on Week 10. I am on Week 8 now. So, no worries - we'll be there (:-D) Hehehe....