Friday, October 30, 2009

4 done, 2 more to go..

Alhamdulillah.. I've passed up the group project 1 and 2, my own Article Review and Term Paper. I've done the best i could, but somehow I know I could do better. InsyaAllah next part/sem...

Since my Pengetua (ex-principal, now) who was so supportive of me furthering my masters, was transferred to another school, I've been hoping my new Pengetua will be like her too.. He's already around in the school compound, but not yet near the school building. We'll meet him officially this Tuesday. The other day, I heard a friend said her student came to her to tell that his friend who was a students in my pengetua-to-be's former school, telling that his is so "garang, nak minta izin balik dari asrama pun susah.." Now they know how nice their ex-pengetua was. People never appreciate things when its around, when they lose it, now they long for it.

ok.. I'll now be doing my research review and proposal.. bye for now...!

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