Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trip to Redang Island

6th June

We were both trilled and excited about the trip. It's my husband's company annual trip. We planned to start our journey from my parents-in-law's house. Thinking that we were better be around people so we don't overslept in the morning we're supposed to get going.

It was early in the morning, 4.15 am to be exact, we were awaken by a phone call from my husband's colleague, asking where we were.. We were exactly jumping out of the bed into our clothes, promising them that we will be at the LCCT on time. Actually, we had to gather at my husband's office at 4.30 am and travel by bus to LCCT. We raced to LCCT, luckily after missing the exit to LCCT, we managed to get there on time.

Everything went fine, we checked our luggage in, got our tickets and waited for our turn to board the plane. Until my husband whispered softly into my ears that we were going to stay in separate rooms, I was devastated, I was actually screaming to him (without opening my mouth), but he knew how dissapointed I was, but it was not all his fault.. It seemed that the resort we would be staying, only want to provide half of the numbers of the guests in our group (it was believed for marketing purposes), even, there were the other group sent to the island a day earlier, to another resort next to ours.. so, we, in our own group to has to fit in to the numbers of rooms provided (ntahapaapantah!)

At last we departed to Kuala Terengganu at 7a.m and arrived at 8. Got to Jeti Shahbandar by bus and board our boat at 10.30 am. We arrived at Laguna Beach Resort after 2 hours journey from the jetty. Upon arriving, we were amazed by the view. I always thought it was all camera trick to produce wonderfully beautiful photos of oceans,
islands etc. But when I saw it for real, I know it's no trick.. SubbhanAllah.. After a short briefing we had lunch and then sent to our room. The room I was in was supposed to be room for 4, however there were 5 of us. But Alhamdulillah the room was big enough to accommodate us all.

Our first activity was open-sea snorkeling. We were provided with the snorkeling set. I was excited and scared at the same time. When we got to the spot, we got off the boat, I was so scared when I realised how deep the water was, but gradually became excited after seeing the corals and the fish underwater. We were so amazed with what we saw, we forgot to keep close to the boat, we tried to paddle back to the boat, however the currents kept us away. We were like 200-300 metres away, but it seemed like we had to swim forever. My husband had to wait for me, I was so tired, I merely made him wait. At last we were picked up by another boat and sent back to the resort.. Weww..

That night after dinner, we were 'visited' by the other group from the other resort (which was about 5 minutes-walking distance away from ours..) they came to visit our room too, and they were quite disappointed looking at the size and the comfort of the room..it's true that the condition of their room is sad, with only 1 queen-size bed and 1 single bed, there were 4 of them, with no view, no cupboard, no pool.. there was an extra mattress, but they had to move it all around, for there's no room to perform prayers.. pity them, we felt guilty for them, but what can we do?

From left: me, Liana, Ela, Kak Siti (HR), Ain, Kak Mas & Kak Siti (project)

That night we slept like a baby..

7th June

I had a morning walk with my husband, here are some of the photos..

That morning at 9 am, we were scheduled for another snorkeling session at the marine park.. this time it was far far far more better from the day before, unfortunately we didn't bring our camera for any photos..It was fun because we got to feed the fish and they ate exactly from our own fingers.. They were all very "friendly".. I enjoyed it very much!!

Back from the marine park, we got ready for lunch, then, went back to our room and slept like a log this time. At 5 we (kak siti & me) got ready to go to the beach and 'play with some water'

all wet, ready to leave the beach..
kak siti (hr) & me...

That night, after dinner, I spent most of my time with my husband, enjoying our paddle-pop ice-cream, snapping some photos, looking over the beautiful-full moon, sitting by the pool, walking along the beach..Finally I got some time with my hubby.. (thought he'd be busy with his friends..)

If you had watched Summer Holiday a Chinese film starring Sammy Cheng around 1999, this was exactly the filming location.

That night, I returned early to the room to start packing my luggage. And slept at 10.30pm

8th June

We got the wake-up call as early as 5 am saying that we have to check-out at exactly 6am,because we'd caught the first boat at 7am. We had our breakfast & and while waiting, we took some photos.

Then, we went to the jetty by the tram.

My roommates & me.. from left: Kak Siti (HR), me, Ela & Kak Maiza..


Leaving is the hardest thing to do.. There at the island, we were like in a dream, diverted from the real world. Going back, remind us of the reality, about our car parked at the LCCT parking space, leaving it there for 2 and a half day, it costs us RM100. But the trip had changed something between us.. I love him more.. thank you abang!!

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