Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Wedding Photos

It could be a little bit late for me to upload these photos.. But I still wanna have it here.. hehehe..

The Wedding Reception in the afternoon.

My brother doubled-up with us to have the wedding reception together..
Said & Izyan and Farhan & Tumadhir

With my new family.. Amin, Hazwan, Hannan, the happy couple, Amir, Emak, Ayah & Helmi

My big family
Habib, Khalid, Fatanah (..and Umar Mikail of course..), Usamah, Said & Izyan, Umi, Abah, Farhan & Me, Kak Long 'A'ishah, Asma', Amirah & Dhabitah. The little ones in front are: Muadz Ridhuan, Aina & Haikal

Note: Abe Long (my brother in-law) is not in the picture because he was the event manager for us.
thank you so much to both Kak Long & Abe Long!!


tutcute said...

nice pics :)

if ada kelapangan, hire la aku shoot pics korg berdating. post-wedding outdoor portraits namanye. huhu...

semoga kalian berbahagia ke akhir hayat hendaknya :)

Jue Fauzi said...

nice background and also nice piccas.