Saturday, May 02, 2009

The best moments ever..!

I don't know what makes today the best time spent with my grandma, parents, my kak long, my
acu, my cousins & nephew.. All I know, I was really enjoying myself today..

As soon as we (my husband & I) arrived, we saw the old photos that my grandma has in her possession.. including photos of my late mum.. photos of her when she was so young, always smiling and happy..the photos was dated as early as Feb 1977 ( when she married my father).. There was one special photo that touched my heart, I can't help sobbing while pretending not to, in front of that photo she was holding me when I was a baby.. a very fat chubby baby..

Not long after, Acu arrived and she also started looking, and commenting the photos and things got excited, where everybody were lighten up with stories that she had about some of the photos.. hehe!!

Then, it's the cooking time.. Acu 'ordered' Abg (my husband) to prepare his special sambal (Acu later named it Sambal Goreng Farhan).. Acu n Pak Su prepared Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Kembong.. Abg Long (my brother-in-law) prepared Sayur Campur & Fried Potato.. And not forgotting Acu's Daging Masak Merah.. Sadly Abah & Umi had to leave (for kenduri) without tasting any of our special dishes though they got the smell when we were preparing it...

Erfan Fried Potatos

Sambal Goreng Farhan

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Kembong (durian & ikan segar dari ladang) Pak Su

Daging Masak Merah Acu

Sayur Campur Erfan


The atmosphere after lunch..

Danish & nenek
The generation gap seems like it doesn't exist here.. serenity, acu called it..

Acu & Pak Su - still into the photos..

The two Ultraman (are playing around to spend their energy, after having so much of it (I guess..)
My standard 5 cousin and my 5 year-old nephew.. (see not so much of the generation gap.. all the same not matter of the age) haha!

Finally, they made up and it's peaceful again (as showed by Mia)

'Akak Ancak, ni bunga apa ni..?' Mia wanted to know.. Alahai, she asked a difficult question.. haha, ask abang Farhan..

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairer among Acu and Nenek? I do not dare to answer! ;)

'Nenek, do I smell that bad? It must be my fingers then.. huhu!'

Bon Voyage!!! Don't be sad, we'll see again soon!! and have fun again!!

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