Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School Holiday...

Let me share some of the activities that I (or rather we) did during the last school holidays..

After all the yelling (of excitement..), all the motivating, all the coughing, for days during the last week before the school holiday (for our school's Sukantara).. all my throat needs is 'a week off'.. haha! As a teacher (who's really into sports...) I think, I really needed to be there to give the best support I could to all the members of Rumah Hijau or Al Biruni, (sometimes confusing since the colour is hijau, not biru..) anyway, not to angkat our own bakul, so far, the teachers for the Green House are all supportive, all the teachers came in the evening although we had just met a doctor for an appointment, or we had just finished our school meeting, or even if it's raining, we came.. and maybe looking at this, it is reflected to our students, they appreciated us and gave their co-operations. Well, at least, most of them are.. Our Sports Day will be on this coming 29th March.

Lets go to the activities:

Saturday 14 March 2009

Because I insisted, my husband let me sent him to work.. After having breakfast (which I also insisted on..) he went to work. While waiting, I have planned how to 'kill the time', I went to Mak Long house (had breakfast with her at Shah Alam State's Mosque).Then, after sending her off for her Quran Recital Class, I called Acu n rushed to her house and eventually had another breakfast (all in all, I had 3 rounds of breakfast..haha!!)

My three cousins Danish, Hakim & Akil (missing from the pic. is Mia)

Then, after picking up my husband at noon, we had lunch at Acu's.. Look at the lauks... yummy!!

That night, I had planned with Kak Long to have a Makan-makan Party to celebrate Habib who had just gotten his SPM result. I offered to be the host, and the menu is of course Special Spaghetti (Abah's recipe) so we went to do some shopping after coming back from Shah Alam.

Hmm.. Which one should we buy?

My dearest little brother Habib..

Muadz & her cousin Aina

Sunday (15th March) relaxing and reading the new two books we'd bought at MPH in OU (One Utama) entitled:

On Monday (16th March), I went to the school's hall in the morning (I'm in-charged of preparing the hall for PTK exam (which I also have to sit for on 19th March).. Did all housework, watching TV in between times.

The next two days (17th & 18th March) I had already missed the school building, that I did go and finished some unfinished work.. (all piled up due to the other none-teaching activities (like, ICT meeting, Public Speaking Competition Meeting and tra and tra and tra...)

Thursday (19th March) PTK exam day.. can't think of anything else to do than the exam itself.. After coming back from the exam I was still so tired just thinking about it... :)

Friday (20th March). I sent my husband to work (because I need to use the car). I brought Abah with me to see the Commisioner for Oaths, to sign up some documents in front of her. Then, I went to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri in Wangsa Maju to open my tax file. Since I've completed my things-to-do list in no time, and since, the LHDN building is next to Jusco Wangsa Maju, I went to MPH book store just to look around.. I did buy two books entitled: Petua-petua Ibnu Sina Untuk Kaum Wanita & Rahsia Kecantikan.

Saturday comes again (21st March). Another long day like all Saturdays.. Morning, had the car being serviced (I am wearing baju kurung). After that we drove straight to Putrajaya for a wedding reception. We got a news about Nenek fainting the day before, so we rushed to Dusun Tua in no time. Had another emergency call from Emak, saying Ayah was in real pain in his stomach (not sure of what it is), and she wanted to send Ayah to the hospital but he's not fit to drive, she said she'd tried to ask her friend to help, we got to Hospital Selayang in no time (too) approx. at 7 pm. Luckily Ayah was getting better after a shot by the doctor and were eventually released to go home (the dr actually wanted him to be admitted into a ward..) Arrived home at about 12 am that day...

Finally Sunday comes, my husband n I at last, got the chance to go to the National Science Centre in Mont Kiara.

We were both happy & really enjoyed ourselves.. Look how it obviously shown on our faces!! :D

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Mia's Mom said...

La... kesiannya... last day of school hols baru dapat jalan2 berdua? Sorry la... Acu tak contact Ancak. Lepas balik dari rumah nenek hari Jumaat tu, Acu pulak demam. Baru hari ni Ok. 2 kali kena ambil darah. Mak Long dua kali datang visit in between her busy schedule. saja tak nak beritau... nanti Nenek dapat tau, dia risau bukan2...