Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm back..! ..again..!

I didn't really know the real motive of me having this blog years ago.. I do remember my friend Gee, asked me to check her blog, I think that's initiate me to have one too.. I'd written some but gradually I lost the interest of writing, then, the busy schedule too... (wow, as busy as a PM ka?)
But now I know why I must have one.. My beloved Acu and her son Hakim... they made me write again (by force..haha!!)

As highly requested by Hakim, I put a photo of young me as my profile photo.. if you noticed, there is a drop of tear on my cheek.. hehe... having done that, I feel like sharing the other old pictures too... enjoy!

Born 24th January 1980
at 0942, weight 3.9 kg (wow, that much huh?)
at University Hospital of Cardiff, Wales..
look at me cheek, chubby n yet kissable hoho!

My beloved Abah n Mama & (guess who?) ME..

Cheeky me!!

Mama, Kak Long, Usamah (Umar Mikail has so much resemblance of his Papa, esp the lips) & Me..!

21 years old n have proud parents!!
This photo was taken on my 21st birthday at Pantai Balok, Kuantan.. Yes, it's really odd to see me wearing baju kurung at the beach.. wait, imagine this, jumping onto the air to celebrate the day..!! haha.. (the photo cannot be posted here because it's MY embrasing moment)

I think that's all for now.. anyway, I have the whole day for myself today, as my hubby has to go to work today (yes, on Sunday.. grrr..!) Maybe I'll write more later...

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Mia's Mom said...

Yes... Finally... Macam tu la... Oh my God, you make me miss your Mum so much more......Acu nak cari butang mana nak tekan nak jadi follower