Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 Years of Teaching

Yesterday, 14 April 2009 mark the 7th years of my teaching career.. As I can recall, coming to this school 6 years ago (14 April 2003) had it moments and... I was so attached to the school the first week of working I was already given the trust of holding the keys to the Teacher's Room because it was usually me, the last person leaving the room. Leaving school exactly after 2.30 p.m. is a difficult thing to do, most of the time I feel guilty leaving early.. I would only leave the school compound at around 6 p.m.

2003 was also the saddest time of my life, exactly after 4 months teaching, my beloved mum, passed away, because of colon cancer that she had been diagnosed since 1999. What started as an ulser turned out to be the fatal cause of her death. May Allah bless her always.. Al-Fatihah.

2003 was also the year I met my true love, my husband.. He was always there when I need emotional support during the difficult time. He is the one who will be there when I just need to say whatever I have in mind. He is the one who can handle, fussy and 'cengeng' me.. Thank you Abang, I love so much..!!

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cuda cullen said... hepi that u r hepi now..Congrats on ur wedding,sori i didnt go.Be a gud wife..n mum to.huhuh..