Saturday, December 10, 2005

Swimming Lesson

I did really want to learn how to swim since the day I almost drowned when I was 12.. But, the cost of a class will be quite expensive (....)

But on Thursday (8th dec), a friend of mine called me on the phone saying there is a class conducted in UIA that cost RM180 per 10 hours.. RM18 per hour is quite reasonable to me.. So i decided to do it.. We (abang n me) went out to find a suitable swimming suit.. We did find one at JJ but it costs RM199 (more than my lesson would cost me..) so I decided to put it on hold and went back home.

At home, after asking for abah's opinion (whether it's ok to wear a swimming suit and is it ok for me to go for swimming lesson), Asma' who heard our conversation told me that Mama had bought a swimming suit for herself (but we never know whether she had worn it or not, we heard about her wanting to join a class, but we don't know if she'd went to any..) So I guess, she must had bought it for me.. hahaha.. for her children laa.... n I'm the first to use it)

So, today is the third day of my lesson (and I'm getting darker due to the long exposion to the sunlight.. The first day was a short one because it was raining, but I learnt who to blow the air using the nose under the water. Second day, I learnt to swim across the pool (yg tak dalam laa...) using the floating board... and today I practiced more on swimming, this time without the floating board.. I can only surface once to breathe and once I'm under the water again, I can surface anymore.. I know I need a lot of practice on that...

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