Monday, December 05, 2005

Aquaria KLCC

Today, we; Abang, Hannan, Amin, Amir (Abang's younger sister and brothers..) & Me, went to Aquaria KLCC... Wah, the ticket is quite expensive..!! But we did enjoy the visit... However, I still think that they should add more rare types of fish.... the one that we could never see here... (if that is possible, will the price of the ticket increases?.. hmmm..)

At the water fountain at KLCC Park.. Form left: Hannan, Amin and Amin...

Abang says he likes this tree so much of the view of the tree... and it's surroundings... I like it too..... :)

This is the only picture in the big aquarium that was taken using my Nokia 6670's camera.. Most of the pictures was taken by my old "undigital" camera... I don't know why but I still favour using the camera, even thought, everybody'd using it.. All my family members, my friends (Gee - with her Sony DIGITAL camera.. hehehe...), my students and even everybody (whom I saw) at Aquaria itself.. Anyway, this was taken in the Aqua Theatre and as u can see it's a SHARK... (as stated there, the one we see is 30% smaller than it's usual size, maybe because of the size of the glass..)

Abang n Hannan.
At the entrance, we're given a crossword puzzle - we need to explore and get all the answers and fill in the crossword.. Actually the contestants is supposed to be children under 12, but like us, we saw other adults were busily writing down the answers.. Anyway, we did spend a lot of time try to get the answers, but at the end they only gave us a tiny maynymuu little fish key-

Wah! No picture of me? ahahahah....!

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