Monday, December 05, 2005

Debat Piala DiRaja Akhir UITM vs UPM

Last Sunday we went to UKM for the Final of Debat DiRaja Bahasa Melayu.. My former UITM team against the UPM team.. The topic to be debated was quite tough: "Rumput Lebih Teguh dari Cengal" and we are the government's team. Means that the team has to show how the "rumput" is stronger than the "cengal" itself.. What happens was, they symbolized the "rumput" as the terrorists particularly in Afganistan n Iraq - their aspiration to get freedom (to rule their own country and so fourth) from the US. The US was refered to as "cengal". To us, it's a risky way to debate the topic and use the subject of terrorism as the symbol.. However, the team did all their best and they actually managed to make it clear that they are united in the way they supported each other and they know what they were talking about.. On the other hand, the UPM's team were not as bad.. Sometimes, I even nodded to some of their points...

It's the time to announce the winner... A surprise come to all the UITM supporters n debaters.. We won for English Royal Debate for the first time, and at the same time kick out the UIAM team (UIAM has won this competition for so many times, only for twice they were beateb by UKM's team. Then, they got the title back for some years but this year, we got it back! Congrats to the team!
Note:The Final of Royal Debate (English) was held the night before the prize giving ceremony.. It was UITM versus UIAM... And the results were only announced on Sunday.

Now, for Debat Bahasa Melayu, the MC announced that UITM is the winner, so this means that the UPM's team had lost.. We were so excited, the members of the UITM's team, went up the stage, received the prize from the UKM Vice-Chansellor.. followed by the second place winner.. We haven't done being so very excited when Acoy came to us to tell that the winner was wrongly announced... HAH!! Well, we were quite disappointed, but what to do, the adjudicators could have seen more than we know, they are the professionals... So, UPM is the Winner!


I went to UKM early in the morning (the competition started at 8am) with Abang and my brother Khalid.. Yat informed me the day before, so I saw Yat and Acoy yesterday... Gee, if only u told me you're here, maybe we could make it to see each other and enjoy the debate together.. ehehe..... And you could proudly say, "I'm with the UPM's team...HAHAHA!!" heheheh!

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