Monday, April 26, 2010

Nilai - Putrajaya - Bangi

At last, I got to go somewhere, away from home.. away from boredom.. hehe.. my husband had just gotten a new work place in Nilai, he will be starting in June.. Alhamdulillah.. (I didn't manage to tell Acu yet, cause it hard to skype with her lately.. but it's ok, something must be happening now, i guess..) So he asked me to go see his new work place there. To me it's like "org mengantuk disorongkan bantal" and i jump to the idea of going jalan2. So the three of us (Aishah, my hubby n me) went to Nilai, which took us about 1 hour and a half, about 77km. I hope my hubby'll be a lot calmer and happier at this new place.

Still don't wanna go home, and i was still early to go home, I asked to go to Putrajaya.. so there we were.

Masjid Putrajaya

It's hotter than u think..

Yeah, really hot that we have to hide away from the sun.

Aishah: apa kejadahnya?!
Me: what the?
we were worried about the safety cautions taken while the work is done.

this love is unbreakable. :)

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