Thursday, February 02, 2006

Holiday in PD

Last Monday & Tuesday we went to PD. My cousin and his wife got a resthouse over there at Corus Paradise Beach. Other rooms for his resort were fully booked, so we stayed over at his resthouse instead. It was fun though there were many of us (All 7 of my siblings are there, my grandma, my three other cousins) At night, 4 workers who take charge of the rooms at the Sunshine Bay Resort, were also there...

This is Muadz when we arrived at the resort... that look is given everytime he wants to show that he is not interested with what is in front of him, in this case, it's his Uncle Sam..

This is Muadz when he was on the beach.. He was trying to cover himself with the sand.....

The view of the sea from the room, early in the morning.....

It's supposed to be a long picture of the sea view... Hope I got it arranged nicely..

Sunshine Bay Resort..

Please contact me for any booking... :)

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